Medical Revalidation Explained

What is medical revalidation?

Medical revalidation is the system by which the General Medical Council (GMC) approves the extension of a doctor’s licence to practise in the UK. All doctors who want to keep their licence need to engage in a revalidation process.

What is the point of revalidation?

The purpose of medical revalidation is to provide gruarantee to patients and the public, employers and other healthcare personnel that licensed doctors are abreast of the latest updaytes.

How does medical revalidation process work?

Revalidation is based on a local evaluation of doctors’ practice through carrying out a medical appraisal by a designated responsible officer.

Appraisal & Medical Revalidation Service Companies need to comply as follows:

 – appraisers has need to be trained & certified in the knowledge and skills to carry out appraisals for medical revalidation purposes.

 – appraisers need to understand the professional obligations placed on doctors by the GMC guidance Good medical practice

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